Vehicle Servicing

We at Mobile Gas Guru are very passionate about the safety of your vehicle by understanding the importance of a regular and preventive maintenance thereby being a specialist in the areas of vehicle servicing and its repair all over Melbourne. Therefore choose our option without any delay to help your car run smoothly and safely. The level of our services includes a thorough check-up and inspection up to many ranges of quality motor oil etc.

The professional and expert LPG Mobile mechanics help to resolve your problem of vehicle servicing by performing fuel flush system, repairing brakes and clutches if necessary, breakdown service, log booking service all throughout Melbourne. The extra work needed for your vehicle is got to know after the inspection of your vehicle. We then provide you with the quotation of the extra parts and the additional work required for your vehicle which are safe and reliable. There are different rates associated with different vehicles like those of diesel, imported and commercial as they involve additional cost and surcharges for fully synthetic oils.

Importance of regular vehicle servicing and its life in future:
  • Increases the life of the engines and its performance.
  • Helps to reduce the amount of fuel consumption.
  • Helps to prevent break downs involving more cost.
  • Helps in avoiding unnecessary wear outs through lubrication.
  • Helps in increasing the safety by having regular inspection of brakes.
  • Helps in reducing the damages and failures of major components.
  • Helps to reduce the tyre pressure at regular intervals avoiding premature failure and wear outs.
  • Helps in reducing the risk of accidents through regular inspection of the vehicles.
  • Improves the condition of the lights by maintaining its standard.
  • Improves the ranking for resale and the monetary value of the car.
These regular services which are essential maintain the level of fluids and lubricants with inspection of brakes, suspension, exhaust and other services. Some of our services include changing of engine oil and filters, checking of brakes, exhaust, transmission, lights, tyres and pressure, engine belts, steering with safety inspection, road test and written report.

We usually know the most effective way to operate with services and repairs. Get a better solution for your problem by our experienced and qualified team of professionals anywhere in Melbourne. Our team of expert mobile mechanic can visit you all the 7 days to fix your problem which might be any servicing problems of your car. Call now for your booking.


  • LPG system tuning
  • LPG system fault-finding
  • LPG system installation
  • All mechanical repairs
  • New Logbook service
  • Diagnosis Trade & Retail
  • BreakDown Service
  • Brake & Clutch Repairs
  • Batteries
  • Starter Motors
  • Alternators